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The Pet Care Center is dedicated to making real, meaningful differences in our community

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We are proud to be able to work within our surrounding pet communities and strive to help make a difference within the various shelter intervention programs such as South LA Animal Shelter, North Central Animal Shelter and Carson Animal Shelter. Along with the various shelters we also support rescue groups including: Westside German Shepherd, Stray Cat Alliance, Angel City Pit Bulls, Downtown Dog Rescue, Dachshund Rescue to name a few.

Happiness starts with a wet nose and ends with a wagging tail 

Our Mission

At The Pet Care Center we are working to create hope and the opportunity for a better world.

We can only do it with your help. Join with us in our mission and donate now. 

Giving all lives another chance

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Our mission at the Pet Care Center is to never turn away any animal due to the amount of medical attention needed or the owner’s inability to pay. We aim to help as many animals in the community as we can and seek donations from the community to help offset the cost. By helping the animals, we are ultimately helping our community. Here at The Pet Care Center, we believe that every life matters, and all lives deserve a second chance. 

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